Wedding Menus

bride-childAsk anyone what they remember about a wedding and one of the first things they’ll say is the food. Amazing wedding menus not only compliments the union of two souls, but serves as the jumping-off point of an evening of celebration. This is why River Crest has crafted elegant and affordable wedding menus that are customizable to be the perfect match to your perfect night.

Each dinner style on the wedding menu provides a specific type of service: buffet style dining allows guests to plate their own food and provides the most economical dining option; individual sit-down brings all courses pre-plated right to the table, so guests and the wedding party only have to enjoy the company of one another; family-style dining serves a table’s worth of each dish so that guests take as much or as little as they like. Every dinner style on the wedding menus include choice of salad, pasta, potato, vegetable, and dessert.

Discounts available for weddings in January through April and November.

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